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Composting is a biological process in which microorganisms convert organic materials such as manure, leaves, paper and food waste into a soil-like material called compost. It is the same process that decays leaves and other organic debris in nature. Composting merely controls the conditions so that materials decompose faster.

Composting and the use of compost offer several potential benefits including enhanced soil replenishment, elimination of organic material from landfills, residential organic alternative to painted mulches, reduction in green house gas emissions and local municipalities’ compliance with DEP and EPA regulations.

The composting process produces heat which drives off moisture and destroys pathogens and weed seeds. With good management, it produces virtually no odors.

Compost, the end product, is quite different from the original materials used to produce it. It is free of unpleasant odors, is easy to handle, and stores for long periods of time. Compost is an excellent soil conditioner. When applied to the land, compost adds organic matter, improves soil structure, reduces fertilizer requirements and reduces the potential for soil erosion.

Arborganic Acres’ proprietary process for producing high quality compost is a valuable commodity used by home gardeners, landscapers, vegetable farmers, turf growers, operators of golf courses and ornamental crop growers, to name only a few.


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