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At Arborganic Acres, we not only aim to produce quality products but to do so in a way that is right for the environment. Our mulches and compost are all organic-based in that they are produced from LOCALLY obtained organic sources which include wood chips (the carbon source) and leftover fruits, vegetables and grains (the nitrogen source). Rather than delivering this material to a landfill, the diversion to Arborganic Acres for processing into our mulch and compost products -- and your use of these products -- results in a complete cycle: “From the earth, to the earth.” We are the only facility in Chester County permitted by the State to recycle food waste.  Test results are available upon request.


Our premium compost provides the highest level of nutrients and microbiology allowing it to be used much easier by the soil and plants. The natural process of rain or hand watering creates a form of “COMPOST TEA” that seeps down into the soil for quick delivery while the larger particles remain on top for weed control and moisture retention. Ideal for loosening dense soil thus enhancing root growth and providing a longer term soil amendment.
(Review PennState Agricultural Analytical Lab analysis of our compost)


Traditional mulch. Aesthetically pleasing, all natural. Contains little compost but still ideal for weed control and moisture retention.


Our premium product is our most popular and most universal. This product is ideal for gardens and beds of all kinds containing a healthy portion of compost for improving soil quality, moisture retention and nutritional value with enough woody fibers to prevent erosion.  * Tea Mulch is comparable to the effects of “Compost Tea” previously described.

Advantages of Arborganic Premium Mulch:Retains natural color or darkens; 10 times the moisture retention of standard mulch; provides Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, macro-, micro- and trace nutrients not found in conventional mulches or many fertilizers for long-term, slow release nutrition for plants; provides beneficial microorganisms that promote healthy plants resistant to pests and disease; diverts this reusable organic material from Pennsylvania landfills; product is more stable and does not rob nitrogen from existing plants; insulates soil from extreme heat or cold better than standard mulch; controlled process of monitoring temperature and moisture insures all weed seeds and pathogens are killed. (131 degrees Fahrenheit over 72 consecutive hours); only organic materials are used. No treated wood or pallets with metal.


Our premium compost that has not been screened into finer material. A more economical approach but still excellent for those veggies offering weed control, moisture retention and added nutrient value.


Our premium compost that has been screened into a lighter, fluffier material which is excellent for top dressing your lawn. Preferred by many landscapers.


A 50/50 ratio* of compost and screened topsoil.  Ideal for starting new gardens and plantings.  Very popular for raised gardens and comparable in use to potting soil.  *Customizable ratios are available upon request.


Our marketable “bio-soil” is carefully screened to remove stones, rocks or other larger organic material and is kept under a domed enclosure to keep it dry during rainy periods.  Ideal for larger landscaping projects, lawn repair or as fill for larger plantings. Our “bio-soil” also contains a significant portion of compost (~30%) which differentiates it from plain topsoil and makes it more beneficial for plants. An additional benefit of our “bio-soil” is that the beneficial microbes don’t remain localized but permeate throughout the immediate area to enrich your garden or plantings.

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