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10/24/17 - Arborganic Acres Continues to Support Environmental Studies Students at Ursinus College

Dear Bob and Emily - Thank you so much for hosting our trip to Arborganic Acres last week! It was really key for this class to see a composting facility that accepted food waste! And the time you took to explain the components of the process, the decisions you have made and things that you have learned since starting the facility, challenges that you have faced, and more, makes this experience much more valuable than anything we could read in a textbook or video that we could watch online! I really appreciate all the time that both of you gave to us and your belief in, and enthusiasm about, what you do! Thanks you yet again for your time, your enthusiasm, and all of the information!


Dr. Leah H. Joseph
Associate Professor & Chair
Environmental Studies
Ursinus College


11/16/13 - Arborganic Acres Conducts Another Tour of Facility for Ursinus College Students

Hi Ray,

The photos look great and definitely capture the fun our group had at Arborganic! On behalf of all us of that attended, thank you for giving us such a thorough and education tour of your facility.

Ellie and I hope to apply some of what we learned about the composting process to increase the sustainability of how food waste is handled on campus.

I hope you all have a rewarding year of composting success!



5/20/12 - Arborganic Acres helps sponsor the 4th Annual Coventry Woods Festival

The Fourth annual Coventry Woods Festival was held on Sunday, May 20, 2012 from 1 to 5 pm at the Fernbrook Entrance to the Coventry Woods, intersection of St. Peters Road and Fernbrook Lane. The festivities were sponsored by the North Coventry Township Parks and Recreation Commission.

Families and friends experienced the former Camp Fernbrook which, through the hard work of the Township’s Open Space Committee, has added a wonderful gateway to the over 600 acres of the Coventry Preserve. The event was truly a family affair with food, music, games, and goat races for the children. Arborganic Acres was happy to attend and help sponsor the event.



First of all, thanks for offering such a great service. We have taken brush to your facility several times and we are very glad we have somewhere to take it where it is made into a new product. We are going to buy some of your mulch the next time we come over.

Thanks again, we love your place!

Michele Christman



"Dear Bob, Ray and Jen

Thank you so much for your time to give us a tour of Arborganic Acres at the end of January! We were so glad that we were able to spend some time at the facility and learning about it from you all. It is so important to us that our students are able to see/experience what we read about in class… no book or video can do the same! The students very much enjoyed the visit and now have a great impression of a large-scale food and yard waste composting site. Clearly they were impressed as I believe many of them also applied to the intern/job position you advertised at the job fair! We're so glad that this aspect seemed to have worked out as well and that you had many applicants for the positions you are offering! Please feel free to send me any job or internship ads in the future and I will send them out to all Env majors!

Thank you yet again for your time, your enthusiasm, and all the information!


Dr. Leah H. Joseph
Associate Professor & Chair
Environmental Studies”
[Ursinus College]


“Thank you, so much for coming to our rescue after the big storm. If it wasn't for your center we would still have a yard full of branches, and nowhere to go with them. We will tell all our friends.”

Tim & Marsha L.
Limerick Township


“Please accept our sincere gratitude for your donation of the Arborganic gift certificate valued at $200.00. Your generosity helps support Green Valleys Association’s mission to protect and preserve the water resources of Northern Chester County through advocacy and education. Many thanks again for your continued support.”

Green Valleys Event Committee


“Bob, Jennifer and Ray,

Thanks so much for your support and help when we came to visit during your open house. Each of you took some time from your busy schedule to speak with my boys and give them every bit of information that they could possibly need to do a school project. You also went above and beyond to let them know that you would be able to answer any questions that they might have as they continued to complete their project. Your knowledge and enthusiasm was contagious which made things make more sense about what you are doing to help keep our earth green. All of you were wonderful and we appreciated all of your time! Thank you.”

Anne, Michael and Justin P.



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