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Stroudsburg Middle School
6th Grade Class
Stroudsburg, PA
June 7, 2010

Ray Korup, Arborganic Acres’ Sales and Marketing, begins discussion on the difference between “Biodegradable” and “Compostable” to help grandson, Michael (background),
with his science assignment.

Mrs. Rusk’s Science Class and Mr. Williams’ Social Studies Class were combined for a day of presentations by the students on their respective assignments. We were delighted to have been invited to participate.

We were impressed with the students’ attentiveness and responsiveness.

Mike helps distribute the handouts prepared for the students.

Small samples of the raw material used in the composting process, finished mulch and finished compost were provided for the students to see, feel and smell.

Grandson and proud grandfather happy to help out.


We don’t necessarily “take our show on the road” (i.e., outside our immediate sales area) but we are willing to consider any reasonable request to continue the process of, and our commitment to, educating our youngsters on the need and benefits of diverting organic material from landfills.

Special “THANKS” to Mrs. Rusk and Mr. Williams for providing this opportunity.

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