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Environmental Education

“The earth is the legacy to our children. We owe it to them to teach them how to preserve it better than we are.”

While we are making significant, fundamental changes to protect our environment and preserve the planet, those efforts are not yet a passionate, fundamental commitment by every living being whose existence depends upon the very planet on which they thrive.  Arborganic Acres’ belief is that education is passing along what we know and learn. We can, therefore, focus on the legacy to our children by passing along knowledge of the mistakes we have made, the changes needed to correct those mistakes and the learnings on how to prevent future mistakes that could negatively impact our planet. Equally as important is the effort to instill a spark of passion in our children that will ignite a self-sustaining desire to do the right thing for the environment. Hopefully, they, in turn, will do the same to insure the earthly legacy for their children.

Arborganic Acres is proud to contribute toward that end by supporting an educational program that focuses on the environmental benefits of recycling . . . that which comes from the earth is returned to the earth. A large conference room was included in the construction plans for the main office building to facilitate tailored programs that supplement on-site tours and demonstrations. In-school presentations are also offered. 

Schools or organizations interested should contact us by
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Our Visits and Activities To Date

2/19/14 - Arborganic Acres Hosts Visitors from Winterthur Museum

Braving the snow, rain and slippery conditions, folks from the Winterthur Museum in Delaware visited Arborganic Acres to learn about the composting process on a larger scale. Arborists and Gardeners dilligently work to maintain the grounds at the museum and utilize some of their own byproducts to make a limited supply of their own carbon-based mulch. We were happy to give them a tour of the facilities and chat about the processes at Arborganic acres.

Winterthur's 1,000 acres encompass rolling hills, streams, meadows, and forests. Founder Henry Francis du Pont (1880-1969) developed an appreciation of nature as a boy that served as the basis for his life's work in the garden. He selected the choicest plants from around the world to enhance the natural setting, arranging them in lyrical color combinations and carefully orchestrating a succession of bloom from late January to November. Du Pont translated his love of the land into a unified work of art that embodies a romantic vision of nature's beauty.

To learn more about the museum, visit . . .

11/16/13 - Arborganic Acres Hosts Another Site Tour for Ursinus Students - A small group of students from Ursinus College requested the opportunity to visit the site for a tour of the facilities. President and owner, Bob MacMullen, met with the group and provided an overview of how Arborganic Acres was started, what the facility is all about and his vision of the future for the company. He followed with a walking tour of the facilities explaining processes, products and services.


(Below) Just couldn’t resist jumping into the leaf pile


2/20/13 . . . Arborganic Acres Participates in Ursinus College 2013 Job, Internship & Networking Fair - For the third year, Jennifer MacMullen and Ray Korup participated in Ursinus College’s Job, Internship & Networking Fair held at the college on February 20, 2013.

2/8/12 . . . Arborganic Acres Participates in Ursinus College 2012 Job, Internship & Networking Fair - In cooperation with Ursinus College, Arborganic Acres is pleased to offer internship positions to Ursinus College students with relevant majors (e. g., Environmental Studies, etc.). Completion of the internship could qualify students for specified academic credits. To that end, Jennifer MacMullen and Ray Korup participated in the 2012 Job, Internship & Networking Fair held at the college on February 8, 2012. In addition to offering explanations of Arborganic Acres’ mission, operations and composting process, approximately 23 internship applications were received at the Fair, hosting a record number 80 companies/organizations/employers.

1/31/12 - Arborganic Acres Hosts Students from Ursinus College - Environmental Studies Students and the Sustainability Coordinator from Ursinus College visited the facility for an explanation of what Arborganic Acres is all about. The timing of the visit was such that the students were able to witness the delivery of source-separated food waste (fruit, vegetables and breads) being diverted from PA landfills. It was explained that this raw material is the primary nitrogen source for the composting process. The students were also given a tour of the entire facility.

8/15/10 - Limerick Elementary School - Arborganic Acres donates some compost to help start new raised planting beds in the school courtyard garden. Arborganic Acres has also been invited to offer educational presentations to selected grade levels.

6/7/10 - Stroudsburg Middle School - Thanks for the invitation from student, Michael Marsack, and teachers Mrs. Rusk (Science) and Mr. Williams (Social Sciences).
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